Jill McCracken, PhD

Rhetorician and Gender & Sexuality Scholar

Dr. Jill McCracken

Dr. Jill McCracken

Dr. Jill McCracken is an Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing Studies at the University of South Florida

I am a rhetorician and a scholar of gender and sexuality. Power, language, gender, and sexuality are inextricably entwined, and I am passionate about understanding their intersections and working to reduce gendered and sexualized violence.


I work toward that end through a variety of frameworks: teaching, training, public speaking engagements, research, and community involvement with marginalized groups, including sex workers, currently and formerly incarcerated women, victims of trafficking in the sex industry and individuals who have been convicted of trafficking others in the sex industry, and at-risk and marginalized youth. To that end, I design research projects, analyze policy, and explore intercultural and ideological frameworks of knowledge. I strive to contribute my knowledge to a larger network, learn from others, and explore the difficult questions we must confront in order to decrease violence and create freedom of self-expression and knowledge.


It is only through understanding ourselves–our values, beliefs, viewpoints, and biases–that we can work to prevent and heal from gendered and sexualized violence and to create a more just and equitable world.

Dr. Jill McCracken

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