Dr. McCracken speaks extensively on sex work, trafficking in the sex industry, women and incarceration, and sexuality education at local, national, and international venues. Check out upcoming and recent talks. If you would like to contact her about speaking at your event, you can reach her here.

Trafficking and Sex Work: Coercion and Consent

Dr Jill McCracken joins Camille to talk about Human Trafficking and Sex Work. There is a vast difference between the two and conflating the terms is doing a disservice to victims of all forms of trafficking, as well as those who make the conscious decision to enter...

Sex-Work, Sin, and Shame: A Pride Perspective

Sex-Work, Sin, and Shame: A Pride Perspective

Sex work, sin, and shame: What are they? How are they related? And how does our understanding shift when we explore them from a pride-ful perspective? On Pride Sunday, join Dr. Jill McCracken as she explores the relationships between sex work, gay pride, and the...


“Understanding Sex Work: Gender, Power and Language.” 
Faculty Research Lightning Talk. April 17, 2014.

“Sex Worker Activists Analyze Sensationalized ‘Pimp Panic’.”
Interview with Out-FM. June 2011. (Interview begins around 32 minute mark.)

“National Geographic, Taboo Series. January 17, 2010

Interview about International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. The Gay and Lesbian News Magazine. Denise Penn. Long Beach, CA. Cable television channel 95. December 17, 2007.

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